Two weeks ago we rang in 2012.  I am not accustomed to proclaiming a series of resolutions at the stroke of midnight every New Year.  I will however become very introspective and conduct a State of My Union by asking some key questions:

  • Who am I at this very moment?  Am I the person I want to be?
  • What lessons have I learned?
  • When will all the hurdles I’ve been jumping be taken off the track?
  • Where do I want to see myself in the months ahead?
  • Why not try something new?
  • How can I improve myself?

Checking in with myself is crucial for me to stay focused as I attempt to find balance in my life.  This isn’t only an exercise for the beginning of a new calendar year but something that should be done on a regular basis.  I thought I’d tackle one of the questions by trying something new with the creation of this blog.  Maybe with the practice of writing on a more frequent basis I will be able to answer the other questions as well.

Ready, set, go….


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