Risky Business

Last night my friend got to scratch off a line item on her bucket list: she performed her poetry for the first time at the Busboys and Poets Friday night 11th Hour Poetry Slam.   As she went up against seasoned slam artists, she never once quivered or second-guessed her decision to let her words come to life behind the mic.  It reminded me of what my poetry professor in college told the class before we were assigned to get up and recite our favorite pieces of original work from the semester:

Once you have committed the words to paper, don’t be afraid to release it!

Embracing your truth and sharing it through spoken word can be risky, but the ultimate reward is freedom.   It’s been a long while since I have taken a risk.  Getting caught up in the day-to-day routine and trying to be responsible doesn’t lend to a life of risk taking.  I am inspired by my friend’s courage and commitment to release her poetry to a hungry crowd of slam fest fanatics.  Makes me wonder what kind of risk I am willing to take.  Time will tell, and in turn, so will I.


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