Recipes from Grandma

Handwriting has become a lost art form.  The feeling of a writing utensil nestled between the thumb and the tip of the middle finger pressing along a sheet of paper is a sensation that I enjoy, but I know is not the primary method for sharing thoughts today.  Pecking away at a keyboard or tapping on a small mobile device has now become commonplace.   I think it would be fascinating to gather a group of people aged 10 – 60 and ask them to sign their John Hancock on paper and see the results.

I have saved the majority of the cards and letters that have been written to me over the years.  I have also inherited the numerous cards and letters that my mother had as well.  While searching through the boxes of my mother’s keepsakes I came across recipe cards that belonged to her mother – my grandmother Amaza Reid.  Seeing her penmanship scrolled on stained and tattered paper is such a sweet treat.  Ironically, the majority of her recipes were about sweet treats:

George Tillman wrote, produced and directed one of my favorite films Soul Food.  It’s all about the tradition of bringing family together around a Sunday dinner of classic southern delicacies.  I didn’t come from a large family, and this tradition was not present in my household.  I wish it had been.  The thought of my grandmother in the kitchen cooking and baking makes me long for a simpler time when sitting down for family dinners was as routine as brushing your teeth everyday.   Maybe it’s time for me to start my own tradition of getting friends together and we can all share our own retro recipes.  And regardless of what Paula Deen has sold us, I think it will be wise to substitute the Crisco shortening from grandma’s recipes.


4 thoughts on “Recipes from Grandma

  1. I LOVE the pics of your grandma’s recipes. The fact that they’re handwritten gives so much more of a connection to her soul. Her handwriting is unique and irreplaceable, unlike helvetica or times new roman.

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