T(r)ail Ways

A year ago this weekend my power was out and the DC Metro area, along with a great portion of the east coast, was blanketed with massive amounts of snow.

The unseasonable weather the past few days reached into the 50s and 60s.  Yesterday I joined many locals who were taking advantage of the mild temps on the trails in Sligo Creek Park.  The route I take ends up being a little over 6 miles.  It’s a nostalgia walk because I find myself on the same path near the same wooded area my brothers and I played in as children.  I vividly recall walking through these huge water tunnels that run underneath the main road so we could get to the other side sans traffic.

I love nature walks.  I love the neighborly nod exchange that happens.  The nod may not always be reciprocated, but I dish it out regardless because that’s just how I roll.  I love seeing what appears to be Stand By Me adventures among the pack of friends I pass along the way.

Before merging onto the trail I encountered one group of boys skate boarding and shooting a hockey puck in a net outside of a house.  I wondered if 30 years from now they’d come back to the neighborhood and have the same feeling I do today about playing outside as a child.  It’s that carefree sensation and pure pleasure of exploring the outdoors; a sensation I wish could be bottled up and pulled off the shelf whenever you needed a boost.   With electronic devises ruling the roost and helicopter parenting I imagine there is a large amount of children these days that have never experienced this.  Well, if they can’t go exploring maybe there’s an app for that.


2 thoughts on “T(r)ail Ways

    • Thanks! After the power went out during last year’s snowstorm I walked the neighborhood and took lots of pictures. I was amazed at how many power lines were down. Mother Nature put on a show for us…I just captured the aftermath.

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