ROI: Super Bowl Ads

A thirty-second ad is going for a cool 3.5 million dollars at this year’s Super Bowl.  All companies that fork up that kind of dough are looking for a great ROI: Return on Investment.  Volkswagon strikes back in amazing fashion for this year’s game with a sequel to their 2011 “The Force” called “The Bark Side.”

And a beloved 80s icon takes the day off for more fun:

To have a winning commercial the formula is simple – you must feature at least one of the following:

  1. animals
  2. kids
  3. athletes
  4. a sexy female singer, beauty queen or model
  5. a catchy phrase
  6. a historical reference or iconic figure

Before kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI here’s proof that the formula works with the Top XX ads (in my opinion at least) through the years:

Volkswagon “The Force” (2011)

Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010)

Snickers – Betty White (2010)

Budweiser’s “Rocky” (2007)

Budweiser’s “Donkey Dream” (2003)

Reebok “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” (2003)

Pepsi’s Britney Spears (2003)

Budweiser – 911 Tribute (2002)

Bud Light’s “Date Night” (2001)

Budweiser “Wassup” (2000) “When I Grow Up …” (1999)

Doritos’ Ali Landry (1998)

Pepsi’s “Security Camera” (1996)

Budweiser’s “Clydesdales Play Ball” (1996)

Budweiser “Frogs” (1995)

McDonald’s “The Showdown” (1993)

Pepsi Cindy Crawford (1992)

Wendy’s “Where’s The Beef?” (1984)

Apple’s “1984” (1984)

Coke “Mean Joe Greene” (1979)


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