Thank You Ralph Marston for the Reminder

I’ve never have a good poker face.  My body language tells all.  I’ve also been known to have Incredible Hulk-like tendencies.  When I was a pre-teen my oldest brother gave me a t-shirt for Christmas that said “I Love My Attitude Problem” on it.  Seeing it for the first time I am sure I rolled my eyes, but deep down inside I was laughing because I know my attitude swings were legendary.  I think young girls on the brink of hormones kicking in are susceptible to the moody madness.  It just is what it is.

Years of experience and learning what makes me tick have helped me mellow and become a more patient and pleasant human being.  (At least I hope so!)  There will always be moments that will awaken the beast inside of me, and over the past couple of days there have been a few tickles to the underbelly of that beast.  So I found it only fitting that today I received an email from my friend Teal Moss, who sends out the daily motivational thoughts of Ralph Marston.  Ralph’s motivation was called “The Positive Side” and reflected on attitude.   I needed this reminder and believe everyone can benefit from an attitude adjustment every once in awhile.

Your attitude may be the biggest thing holding you back. And that’s great news, because you can change it very quickly.

Other challenges and limitations can take much time and energy to overcome. Yet if your attitude is what’s limiting you, then you have the key right here and now to break free.

Your attitude does not define you and it doesn’t really control you. It does, however, exert a powerful influence on the way you see the world.

The simple fact is that with a positive, purposeful and loving attitude, you are able to see and to connect with life’s best possibilities. And simply by deciding to choose it, you can immediately benefit from such an attitude.

You don’t have to let your attitude be held hostage by negative people, events or circumstances. You can choose whatever attitude you wish, no matter what may be going on around you.

So give yourself a powerful advantage. Choose an attitude, right now, that will illuminate the positive side of life, and begin right away to reap the great rewards of your empowering focus.


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