Red Light Sunroof Snapshots

The expression ‘It’s a perfect day there’s not a cloud in the sky’ never made sense to me.  I recall hearing it repeated endlessly when describing the morning of September 11, 2001.  I distinctly remember the thought crossed my own mind when I was walking the streets of Manhattan that morning on the way to the office.  And we all know that day was anything but perfect.

Shifting gears, I believe the expression is discriminatory.  I love clouds and believe they bring more character to the sky.   I enjoy looking up and seeing the various formations and how they softly shift in the open air.  Having a sunroof in my car gives me visual stimulation.  The past couple of days I was rolling around with the sunroof open, which is usually unheard of this time of year in the DC area.  So, I decided to do a red light sunroof photo shoot; every time I got caught at a red light I’d look up and snap a shot.  Simple.  Easy breezy.  And actually, kind of perfect to me.


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