Sibling Rivalry

Competition motivates us to achieve our goals and create successes.  Sprinkle in endless comparisons between the opponents and a friendly competition can turn into an ugly rivalry.  If you have siblings at some point in your lifetime it is inevitable that comparisons will occur and competition may ensue.  Whether it stays friendly or turns ugly, is up to the players involved.  But competition is just a way of the world and we all get caught up in the comparison game.

The week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday Eli Manning was bombarded with questions about his brother Peyton’s health and career.  After winning Super Bowl XLVI, earning the MVP and his second ring NBC sportscaster Dan Patrick immediately asked him what it was like playing in “the house that his brother built” in Indianapolis. I can understand the questions if Eli and Peyton had played against each other in the game, but they didn’t and reporters still couldn’t keep Peyton’s name rolling off their lips.  Can’t people just let the victor have his own moment of glory?

Today let’s shine the spotlight on Eli Manning and praise him for all that he accomplished because it is Super.

Get your shine on Eli!


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