Love Revisited

Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school?  For me, it was an event.  My mom would take me to the drug store and I’d get to pick out the box of cards with the various cartoon characters on them.  I had to make sure I had enough for all my classmates and teachers.  Everyone would have a bag with his or her name on it and one by one you’d get to drop your little card in each bag.  No pressure.  The whole class would send and receive some love that day.  Everyone would go home feeling Cupid’s arrow.

As an adult the system for sending and receiving love may not be as organized and orchestrated as it was ‘back in the day.’  However it would be wonderful if the world could embrace how simple it is to say the three words we all want to hear.  Too much emphasis on whether or not you have romantic love in your life when this date rolls around on the calendar needs to cease.  Regardless if you have a main squeeze or you are sitting solo in that overstuffed loved seat, know that you are loved, worthy and appreciated.  Happy Love Day!  Now, let’s all sing along with Stevie.


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