Right to Remain Silent

Have you ever heard the term “Nunya” before?  For many of you no explanation is necessary.  But for others, it will be your new word of the day. “Nunya” is short for None of Your Business.  And if you add a neck roll when saying it, it translates more into None of Yo’ D*mn Business!  I wish singer/actress Brandy had used this term when recently asked about the note Whitney Houston passed her last Thursday during an interview she had alongside fellow singer Monica and music industry executive Clive Davis for E! Entertainment News.  Brandy took the classy, professional route be responding: “I’m going to just not say what it was and just keep it to myself for my own personal reasons.”  Ironically the singers were being interviewed for their new duet called “It All Belongs to Me.”  Well, you know what? It does Brandy.  Whatever was in that note belongs to you, and no one else.

Our culture is so obsessed with knowing every intimate detail about other people’s business.  It’s gotten out of hand.  It needs to stop.  Simply because a famous person is labeled as a public figure doesn’t mean all things need to be divulged.  Of course a reporter has the right to ask any question, but they should also proceed by using a moral compass.  They need to respect that the interviewee has the right of refusal to comment — not turn around and scrutinize them if they don’t get the answer they want. Last I checked in the United States of America we have this thing called Plead the Fifth.

As I was preparing this post, my friend Dr. Renee Clauselle posted some extremely thoughtful ideas and insightful questions about the same topic called Mind Your Own Life?  It’s on our minds, is it on yours too?  Let’s give this family and their friends a moment to grieve.  Have you ever lost a loved one?  Would you want hundreds of reporters and photographers preying on you when you get off a plane or coming out of your home to ask you how you feel?  I already know the answers to those questions.  I just wish the media would do unto others as they would want do unto them.


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