Really Linfectious

Over a decade ago when Vince Carter was with the Toronto Raptors he earned the nickname ‘Vinsanity’ after winning the 1999 NBA Rookie of the Year Award and the Slam Dunk Contest at the 2000 NBA All-Star Game.  Now insanity has been attached to the name of a scrappy baller from Harvard University’s Class of 2010, via Palo Alto, California.  Mr. Jeremy Lin – the first American player of Taiwanese descent has become the new King of New York quicker than the A Train can get you from mid-town Manhattan to Harlem.

Upon high school graduation he didn’t receive an athletic scholarship.  He wasn’t drafted out of college.  Within a year he was cut from the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets and in and out of D-leagues before he joined the New York Knicks this season as a third-string point guard.   At the end of this January the Knicks were about to release him, but due to injuries to other guards Lin came off the bench in the fourth quarter of a game against the Boston Celtics on February 3rd, and the rest is history.  In just 2 weeks he has revitalized the league.  He is the pride of his community.  He is an inspiration to all underdogs.  He is simply Lincredible.

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