Run to You

Lyrics to songs constantly run through my head.  I can easily break out into song if certain phrases pop up during conversations with friends.  This week Whitney Houston’s music dominated the airwaves and played in our hearts and minds.  Her song “Run to You” came into my consciousness today.  I didn’t have the amorous “Won’t you hold me in your arms, and keep me safe from harm” thoughts in my head.  Instead I had applied the words of the title against the concept of what I needed to run to in my time of need.

We all have creature comforts.  Where would Linus be without his baby blue blanket?  As a caregiver for a mother living with severe dementia, there are a couple of things that I run to for support to soothe an outburst, a crying spell or an on coming glimpse of mood change.  My go-to tricks may not always work, but recently a good old fashion treat has been my savior.  Mommy always loved the candy Butterfinger.  They didn’t trademark the phrase “crispety, crunchy, peanut-buttery” for nothing.  To see the expression on my mother’s face after her first bite change from confusion into the I need to close my eyes-toss my head back due to pure delight along with moans of “ummmm” is priceless.  To silently sing “I want to run to you (oooh)” to a bag of Butterfingers may seem silly, but it’s music to my ears when Mommy is satisfied.


2 thoughts on “Run to You

  1. Kelly, best of luck with your mom. I watched my dad thru this and I treasure those glimpses of his soul through the simplest of things. He always offered me the first bite of his food every time, even when his mind was very, very far away. The Love remains.

    • Thanks so much Jade. It amazes me and saddens me that so many people are caring for loved ones living with and dying of this disease. Your memory with your dad is so sweet. He still wanted to take care of his baby girl. I love that!

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