Remote “Out of” Control

I think my feet are mad at me.  And they should be.  After working remotely for the past 5 years, last week I began a new job in an office building.  There is something to be said about working from home.  Substituting the rush hour commutes with a stroll from your bedroom to a home office is priceless.  The luxury of walking around in my sock feet and being braless (if I so desired) is now a thing of the past.  My uniform for the past several years was yoga gear and sneakers.  This comfortable attire trapped me – spoiled me.  I wasn’t “forced” to wear “real” clothes everyday.  My “gotta-go-out-into-the-real-world-office” wardrobe had to be dusted off and tested out.  It had been neglected and it retaliated against me.  Somethings didn’t fit, somethings were out dated and even some of my shoes spoke to me by saying:

Girlfriend, please, you know you’re gonna have to re-break me in!

Before life as a remote worker, I lived and worked in New York City for 7.5 years.  That’s 7.5 years of walking and schlepping bags day and night uptown, downtown and cross town.  I remember the first week or two in Manhattan my feet were mad at me.  Maneuvering the concrete jungle was a shock to my body, but at 29 years old I adapted quickly.  Now, once again, I am hitting the pavement and my 41-year-old body is responding a bit differently but in due time it will all be for the better.  During my work day I now have 130 steps from my desk to the bathroom, instead of 10.  It’s just another great way to achieve the suggested 10,000 steps a day.

I remember the days when it wasn’t commonplace to have a TV remote control.  Getting up from your seated position and walking to the TV set was the only way to switch channels.  The word ‘remote’ means far away; implying distance.  Ironically working remotely and using a TV remote control means there is no distance for your body to go – movement is suspended – you can be sedentary.  Although there may be some aches in pains in the days ahead, I am looking forward to regaining control of my stride.  Now I need to go pamper my feet and get ready for the new week ahead.


4 thoughts on “Remote “Out of” Control

  1. Ha! Loved the observations of working remotely. I think it’ll be nice to meet new people as you are a born social butterfly :-). But I can imagine it being a shock to dress up every day. I don’t think I have the wardrobe for a “proper” job outside SF anymore.

    • It is shocking. I just got back from the mall, and I feel like I need to take a shower now. The atmosphere was out of control! Plus, I am one of the rare women who hates shopping. Good times!

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