Dead Ringer

My ball busted.  My tracking ball on my Blackberry – CrackberryMiss BerryMobile Ball and Chain.  It recently tumbled off the table, hit the hardwood floor face first with an emphatic crack.  I picked it up and it was ball-less.  For months now I’ve been wanting to replace Miss Berry with another smartphone.  I kept putting it off because it wasn’t a mandatory financial priority.  As an elder-care caregiver, I have to weigh my purchasing decisions differently from those who don’t have the strain of paying the astronomical amounts of money every month for a loved one.  But, now my hand has been forced. My cell phone has been my primary phone for years.  Gone are the days when the cell phone was the “emergency only” device.  Now it seems roles have reversed and fixed phones or landline phones are the back up choice.  They truly are best for emergencies because they don’t rely on power and electric charges for service.

The days of only having landline or rotary phones doesn’t seem that long ago.  When your cell phone goes out of commission the first thing you say is “I don’t know anyone’s number by heart!”  Back in the day you’d have everyone’s phone number memorized and you could visualize the sequence of numbers on the key pad.  To this day I can remember the numbers of my closest friends and my childhood home phone number: 565-3647.  Things were simpler then because you didn’t have to dial the area code.  Now there are 3-4 area codes per region; you can guesstimate what time someone hooked up their service in parts of the country based on their area code.  I suppose this will be the one New York elite thing I will claim from my time living there but I am very proud to still have my “917” cell phone number.

Now my “917” has found a new home with my Droid.  I really didn’t want to live without the option of the qwerty keyboard, so I am a new Droid girl.  Now I’ll spend some quality time with her and get acquainted, while I rock out to some of my favorite jams dedicated to phone numbers:


4 thoughts on “Dead Ringer

  1. Call Me – Tweet
    Call Me – Blondie
    Call Me – Skyy

    I know these aren’t exactly number songs, but I felt like sharing. 🙂

    • It’s all about communication, so I love them. Me’Shell Ndegeocello had a “Call Me” too. So I could also add:
      Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Call Me When You Get This” Prince’s “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?” Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”

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