Retouch Me in the Morning

When I started college I wanted to document campus life, so everyday I carried a camera around with me in my backpack.  That was in 1988 – a decade before camera phones came into existence.  That was before the popularity of digital cameras.  It was the day of old school picture-taking with rolls of film you had to drop off for developing, and wait several days hoping the pictures would come out the way you envisioned them.  Nowadays everyone is channeling their inner Gordon Parks by snapping pictures with their smartphones, capturing every daily detail of their lives.  I recently challenged myself by doing a 365 Project – taking a photo every day for a year.  It’s amazing the beauty you can find when you just take the time to stop and soak in your surroundings.  Even though my project ended a few months ago I still get inspired to capture the world around me.  Here are some random shots from the past couple of months.

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