Rule of Thumb

This idiom gets thrown around in conversations all the time.  It’s defined as a method of procedure based on experience and common sense.  We have become a culture where common sense is not so common anymore.  Take that notion, throw in the change of season plus atmosphere and you never know what you’ll get.

Tonight the moon will officially be full.  I didn’t have to look up in the sky the past few nights to realize that a full moon was upon us.  Strange things have been happening the past few days and I’ve noticed a flurry of odd behavior.  Several things from my commute have left me shaking my head:

  1. After dusk, bikers and runners without any reflective gear on.  Rule of thumb: if you want to see tomorrow please invest in proper attire, or just stay out of the street.  Sidewalks are a beautiful thing; use them accordingly.
  2. Texting while riding a bike in the dark is ludicrous.  I saw two boys on their bikes last night and was dumbfounded to see one of them with one hand on the handle bar, the other hand thumbing away at his touch screen.  Rule of thumb: Slow your roll.  It’s not that serious is it?
  3. Apparently there is a new trend DC cabs are trying to implement: straddling the line, hogging up two lanes and driving at a snail’s pace.  Rule of thumb: Share the road, pick a lane and stay in it.
  4. Just because there’s a speed trap camera doesn’t mean you have to drive 10 miles under the speed limit.  Rule of thumb: Drive at the designated speed.  You don’t get brownie points for driving slower.
  5. It’s March 8th.  Your Christmas lights should not be up still and they should not be twinkling.  Rule of thumb: If you have received your W2s, 1099s or any 2011 dividend reports in the mail the calendar is clearly stating we’ve moved into a new season and so should you.

BONUS: A few nights ago before leaving the office for the day I went to use the facilities.  Nowadays many bathroom stalls are equipped with sensor flushing automatic toilets; so is the case in my office.  Something else that has become more commonplace is multitasking inside the bathroom stall.  So, as I enter the bathroom I hear someone in a stall having a conversation on her cell phone.  Even though it’s not sanitary, we all know it happens.  But what doesn’t normally happen is the person on the cell phone became “upset” when the noise and activity coming from my stall interrupted her conversation.  For some reason the sensor on the toilet I was using kept getting triggered over and over again, even though I wasn’t done with my business.  That alone was freaky.  To hear comments two stalls away being made about how she was frustrated because she couldn’t hear due to the constant flushing was unbelievable to me.  Rule of thumb: Do I really need to spell it out?

Full moon or not, all of these things would have happened anyway.  But it would be nice to think that some order and sound behavior will be reinstated when a crescent moon is in the sky. 

OVERTIME: In sports news, for the first time in 6 years the 9-29 Wizards beat the 23-16 Lakers last night 106-101.  March Madness may be for the NCAA but the pros obviously aren’t immune to it. Rule of thumb: Never say never.

RECAP:  It’s a Leap Year, Daylight Savings kicks in this weekend and the moon will be full tonight.  Enjoy whatever wackiness comes your way.  Take it for what it’s worth and have a great day!


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