Raising Trayvons of the World

Parenting is not something I can hang my hat on.  I have not been blessed with the responsibility of raising a child.  I have always been extremely maternal and that is why caregiving for my mother is second nature.  Therefore, I know what it is like to worry and give great concern for another person’s well-being.  But I have no way of knowing the first thing of what it must be like to be a mother of a boy, especially a young Black male.

Trayvon’s senseless demise may set “helicopter parenting” into overdrive.  My friends who are raising young Black men have shared their concerns about their own children over the past few days.  They are reflecting even more so now on understanding what it was like for their parents to worry about them growing up and not knowing their whereabouts at all times.  From all reports Trayvon was an upstanding young man, who excelled at school.  He was a young man who had potential for a promising future.  Journalist Roland Martin recently tweeted:

Who says Trayvon couldn’t be president one day. Think about it. Had someone called him suspicious & followed Pres Barack Obama when he was 17 & took his life, history would have never been made.

My thoughts can’t only lie with fathers of Black boys but boys of all ethnicities.  When will the cycle be broken where we are not being judged by the color of our skin and stereotypes dictate how we treat one another?  Fact: George Zimmerman is a Hispanic male who grew up in a multicultural family.  Fact: based on the endless 911 calls George Zimmerman made over the past couple of months he had a fear and prejudice against Blacks.  I can only speculate that George Zimmerman knows what it’s like to be discriminated against.  Mr. Zimmerman has a family and was raised a certain way, but I choose not to speculate the impetus of his belief system.

All I know is this is madness and it has to stop.  Trayvon Benjamin Martin isn’t just the son of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, but he is a son to all of us.


11 thoughts on “Raising Trayvons of the World

  1. Here are some questions I’d like answered:
    1. What exactly is a neighborhood watch captain? 2. Are they supposed to carry guns? 3. If one is watching out for a neighborhood, shouldn’t he know the residents of the neighborhood? 4. From the 911 tapes, he went after that child. How exactly does that Florida law work? 5. Why wasn’t the neighborhood watch captain out doing a real job? 6. Most importantly, why hasn’t he been arrested? Every time I see that baby’s face (and everyone under 30 is a baby to me), I just want to cry.

    • That man knew exactly what he was doing and it wasn’t the job of a neighborhood watch captain. Here is a job description I found, and it says nothing about them being allowed to carry a firearm: The Neighborhood Watch captain serves as the coordinator and liaison of the group. It is up to the Neighborhood Watch captain to serve as a spokesperson, schedule group activities, supply the Neighborhood Watch coordinator with required information, and coordinate neighborhood activity and communication. Likewise, the captain should:

      •Maintain a list of all members Develop, maintain and distribute neighborhood maps for your area including names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Set up a communication network for your area such as a telephone tree. Distribute information sent out by the COPS Unit Greet new neighbors, encourage them to join, and update the neighborhood watch list
      •Provide sign in sheets of Neighborhood Watch activities to the COPS Unit

  2. I now realize how hard it was for my parents “let go” when I got to that age when I needed to be out on my own. Trayvon Martin was 17 and it’s impossible to hold a boy down any longer than that. His family trusted that society would value their son as they had. And they were cruelly betrayed by the watch commander and the chief of police who “investigated” this wanton murder and cleared his officer of wrongdoing.

    A private security officer has to show some sort of affirmative proof that this boy did something to warrant even following him let alone escalating it to a hot pursuit. And now word has come out that he claims that Martin jumped him from behind and attacked him. Outweighed by over 100 pounds. Armed with a bag of Skittles and a half-drank can of iced tea. And without a firearm. Trayvon Martin was THAT sinister that he had to be shot to death? This is what the police department down there is selling? The mayor’s office stands behind all of this? Unbelievable.

    He selected this boy as his target. He stalked him. He made his presence known. He pursued him to the boy’s distress. Cornered him. And killed him with his service weapon. How can this happen?

    • Even after hearing what Trayvon’s girlfriend said via the family lawyer there is no way Trayvon did the attacking. She was on the phone with him for 40 minutes up until his last breath. She heard everything. My mind is just spinning along with everyone else. I simply cannot wrap my brain around this.

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  4. Please explain why a neighborhood watch captain would be carrying a loaded gun?
    Who did this moron work for? Is shoot to kill in the job description?

    If anyone has the parents email, would you please send it to me.
    With deepest sympathy…

    • Neighborhood Watch volunteers are not suppose to carry guns. He was completely wrong in his approach and should have been arrested. The police department is just as corrupt as George Zimmerman’s actions. I don’t think his parents email addresses are readily available, but I truly believe they are feeling the support and love from the community through all the protests and petitions that have been signed.

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