Wanted: One Golden Lasso Ring

This is one of my favorite pictures of my baby cousin, Heather and me.  Yes, my hair is a hot mess and I am rockin’ my beloved Grease t-shirt, which I eventually made into a pillow!  We are proudly posing in front of the Wonder Woman mural my uncle painted on Heather’s bedroom wall.  I love how the three of us are color coordinated and actually my hair sort of resembles that of the mural version of this rock star shero.  Anyway, my uncle thought it was important for her to have a strong role model to look up to.  And wouldn’t you know it – my cousin has grown up to be her own real life Wonder Woman.  I am so proud of her!

To my surprise one day I met the real Wonder Woman. The summer after I graduated from college in 1992, I was working as a receptionist for the new sports radio station in the DC area called WTEM-AM, Sports Radio 570.  I was stunned when the door swung open and there was Lynda Carter standing before me.  Not only was I confused as to why she was at a sports radio station, but also her scent was so intoxicating I was taken aback.   It was Diana Prince in the flesh, and she was just as nice and lovely as she appeared on-screen.  We chatted for a while before she headed back to the studio for her interview about a tennis tournament she and her husband were hosting that coming weekend.  It’s rare when I am in the presence of entertainers that I get star struck, but she caught me off guard.  Secretly in my head I wanted to ask her to spin around, but how silly would have that been.

I knew at some point I wanted to blog about my encounter with Wonder Woman, and with the latest news events I was compelled to tie this memory in with the Trayvon Martin case.  I know I have been posting non-stop about Trayvon, but more than likely I will continue to do so off and on until justice is served.  With all the crazy tales coming from the George Zimmerman camp it’s becoming more and more insane to hear what’s being reported.  We want justice and the truth.  Who better to get it?  Wonder Woman.  We need her Lasso of Truth.  That special golden lasso forces her captives to obey and tell the truth.  If I could summon Diana Prince to spin into Wonder Woman, jump into her invisible plane and head to Florida with her Lasso of Truth I would do it in a heartbeat.  And in a heartbeat I bet George Zimmerman would be behind bars faster than you can sing and jam to the show’s theme song:


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