Love/Hate Relationships

‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ are four letter words.  Some would say that ‘Hate’ is one of the ugliest four letter words in our vocabulary.  There are numerous non-four letter words or phrases for expressing hate:

  • dislike
  • not a fan
  • not fond of
  • no love lost
  • detest
  • abhor
  • despise
  • cannot stand

One of my all-time favorites expressions was sounded off by Miss Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles:

I loathe the bus!

You can always count on classic cinematic moments to provide memorable dialogue or dynamic characters to capture your feelings in a clever way.

Actor Bill Nunn played Radio Raheem in Spike Lee’s 1989 Do The Right Thing.  He shares the story of right hand, left hand; the story of good and evil.  It would be nice to get that left hand on the ropes right about now and have it K.O.’d by love.  It would be nice to have the power of the right hand lift up the consciousness of the human race and ensure the right thing is done.  It would be nice, right?


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