Rest Assured

I’m an 8-hour girl.  My body works best on 8 hours of sleep.  I like the room dark and quiet.  The ideal bed would have a slightly firm pillow-top mattress with a fluffy comforter.  The glow from a clock, a night-light, or a cracked blind can keep me from drifting off.  The slightest sounds keep my mind preoccupied so dozing is delayed.  My method for a good night’s sleep doesn’t work for everyone.  In college one of my roommates couldn’t fall asleep unless music was playing.  That year Minnie Riperton sang me a lullaby each night; subsequently I learned her greatest hits in a couple of weeks. 

Yesterday the family of Trayvon Martin heard the news that was music to their ears; I know it was for mine.  Forty-five days after her child was murdered Sybrina Fulton said she was hoping she could finally get a good night’s sleep and rest.  I am sure the arrest of George Zimmerman finally put several minds at rest.  It’s interesting in cases like this that for one to get “rest” someone else needed to be “arrested.”    In the long run no rest is truly assured for all parties and families involved, but justice can now be served in a court of law.  It will be a long road before we hear the words “I rest my case,” but it’s on the horizon.  Amen.


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