Personal Revelations

Upon opening my medicine cabinet the other morning the type from one of the labels on a bottle came clearly into focus for me.  This bottle has been in the cabinet for months and not until this moment in time did the words come to my attention: Sanford, Florida.  I thought how odd is that.  I had never heard of Sanford, Florida until the Trayvon Martin case.  All along I had a product in my possession from that very city.

I also never paid any attention to where the signs for the Neighborhood Watch were located near my residence.  I walk my neighborhood a lot and these signs never came clearly into focus for me until now.  Oddly enough I took this photo which is on the sidewalk directly next to the entrance into my housing community.  All along the sign was there and I never noticed it.  It also made me wonder who was on my neighborhood watch team and if they know what they are doing. 

It just shows that as soon as a topic or idea is in the forefront of your mind then all of the sudden you see things to support it constantly.  For weeks after the Trayvon Martin case went national I became more aware of the throngs of people (of all nationalities) who wore hooded sweatshirts on a daily basis.  I knew that fashion staple wasn’t anything new; it just stood out because I was doing my own personal surveillance of it.

Side Note:  I never was a big fan of Skittles because the candy is tart and tart things make my eyes twitch. (Sad, but true.) Even though it’s never on my radar when I stroll down a candy aisle, I will never look at a bag of Skittles the same way again.


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