Reason for the Seasons

Growing up in a region with four seasons was a real treat.  The opportunity to feel the range of temperatures with the gradual progression in which they are intended provided me with an awareness of the good, the bad and the ugly.  You knew what to expect based on the date on your calendar.  This is a great scene from the movie Notting Hill showing the natural progression of climate change through the course of a year.

During my short stint of living in California I viewed climate through a different lens.   I lived in San Francisco and traveled to Southern California often to visit friends and family, so I got the full taste of the sunshine state.  Due to my upbringing, it never felt like Christmas because it wasn’t cold enough to snow.  Front yards that were homes to fake snowmen in mild weather baffled me.  For the majority of my life I was sweating on my August birthday; my first birthday celebrated in San Francisco I was wearing a leather coat.  Just like Mark Twain said:

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

I cannot say for sure when weather patterns started changing but it seems like over the past decade things have gotten out of whack.  The past few years we’ve had numerous blizzards, but this last winter the DC Metro area only had maybe a total of 5 inches of snow!  Multiple days this March felt like we should have been heading into the Memorial Day weekend, and yesterday it was hotter than July (humming Stevie Wonder in my head) – Mother Nature rolled double 8s!  The 7-day outlook on the local news the past few weeks have looked like a roller coaster of hills and valleys instead of a steady stream; flip-flops one day and then break out the boots the next.  I miss the consistency of what seasons once were.  I guess Snow Miser and Heat Miser have chosen to continue their bickering beyond the Christmas holiday, and their drama is effecting us all year-long:


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