Random Thoughts #5

  1. As a person with fuller lips, every blue moon I accidentally bite the inside of my lip when I am eating.  Does that same problem happen to people with thin lips?
  2. Does anyone really by flowers from the guy standing on the side of the road at the traffic light?
  3. Why is there always that one driver in a banged up SUV who thinks they are wheeling a Porsche in and out of traffic?
  4. Is it really that painful to say “hello” or “good morning” back to someone who has already said it to you?
  5. I get a kick out of the different ways people pronounce the Virginia cities Norfolk and Suffolk.  The “–folk” should sound like “–fick,” but you’ll hear it sound like the pronunciation of the genre of music or a synonym for people, and the other times it just sounds like the other four letter “f” word.
  6. I love when someone speeds up behind me and I am slowing down because I know a speed trap is ahead.   Then in frustration the driver behind me dashes around me speeding.  I always think: Don’t forget to check your mailbox for your ticket Speedy Gonzalez!
  7. It should be illegal for those guys on the corner flipping those advertisement boards.
  8. I always chuckle when I receive mail from my area Long & Foster real estate agent: Gay Ruth Horney.
  9. I know this is a family name and they have had a Ford dealership in Maryland for decades, but I continue to cringe whenever I hear or see an advertisement for Koons Ford.  It kind of reminds me of this popular Dave Chappelle sketch:

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