Faith Restored…Slightly

Last week I expressed concerns about the choice of nursing home I made for my mom.  Listening to my gut took me on the journey of researching new options and hitting the road with my aunt to visit half a dozen new places.  After crisscrossing three counties, meeting some really wonderful administrators and learning a lot about the different nuances of elder care facilities all roads led back to my original choice.  I am happy I went the extra mile to see more places, which takes the notion I had for settling on a place off the table.  I do however still have concerns for a few of the attitudes and personality traits of some of the “front of the house” staff members I have to deal with to get my mother’s affairs in order.

I am happy these individuals will have nothing to do with my mother’s daily hands-on care.  The staff managing her care has presented themselves to me on every occasion as being warm, caring and competent.   I will continue to take the brunt of any awkward exchanges with the business manager and the admissions coordinator.

It amazes me when the people who should ease the concerns of family members during such a difficult time in their lives, don’t and continue to retain their employment.  I have chosen to take on the new mantra of The Osmonds’ One Bad Apple.  In this case there are a couple of bad apples, but I can’t let their shortcomings spoil the whole bunch.


8 thoughts on “Faith Restored…Slightly

  1. Kellymo, I am so glad you found a place that you are comfortable with. I can say that most of the “Business” admins at these facilities can be very tough to deal with. My sisters and i were always amazed at the poor attitudes given to us, when you would think they would bend over backwards for your business. I am sorry i didn’t have a chance to really chat with you the other night but maybe we can grab dinner some time and catch up? love and light!

    • It’s bewildering Phil. But we all know no place is going to be perfect so I feel better about my decision. I’m a tough cookie, so you know I will make due with what is dished out to me. I am so glad to have seen you Saturday and your bday celebration was not the venue to catch up on all of this stuff. Sorry I didn’t come through for the after-flow but after spending Friday and a good portion of Saturday scouting facilities I was kinda beat. I’d love to catch up over dinner soon. Plus I hope to see you at Illana’s bday bash. xoxo

  2. I’m glad your tri-county journey could put your mind at rest for a bit.

    Thank you for giving me a smile with the Osmonds clip. I never really realized how hard they jacked the Jackson 5!! Even down to the choreography. Plus they are wearing Elvis suits!

    • Nothing like the white suits and the synchronized steps to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning! I had to tip my hat to the Osmonds since they did the song before the J5. But they are working the steps. And it’s just a reminder that Donny Osmond was the Justin Bieber of the 70s!

  3. by faith… well done, Kelly! There is always the notion that you’ll have to do supplemental work, but there’s also nothing better than feeling like caretakers actually care. Rough road, hard to trod, but by faith we can make it.

    • It was a rough road for me to get to this point Tania. I am so glad it is here. At the end of the day I truly have to hand everything over to the almighty. I feel like breaking into a little Carrie Underwood and “Jesus Take the Wheel!” : )

  4. It’s great to hear you found a spot for Mommy! You really put in the research and let’s hope this 3rd time is a charm. You’ll feel much better and at ease with capable people at hand.

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