Assemble All Those I Resemble

Being approached by a stranger who is convinced you are a famous person is an odd experience.  Being told you resemble someone in the public eye can be flattering, or not, based on your opinion of that person.  In my case I am not always given the name of the same person; the list of individuals run the spectrum.  When you lineup all of my Doppelgangers none of them look like each other:

While living in New York there were multiple occasions where I had to prove to a couple of young ladies that I was not the singer Faith Evans.  The funniest moment was when one girl was running towards me yelling “Faith! Faith!”  I started looking around for Faith Hill or Faith Evans.  Instead she comes right to me so excited to meet “me” and I hated disappointing her.

I remember the first time someone told me I looked like Angelina Jolie; I just left the movie theater after seeing Girl, Interrupted.  A man who was also in the theater came up to me and said, “You look just like that girl Lisa in the movie.”

When I was in high school I went to North Carolina for a family funeral.  I overheard my older cousin who I had not seen since I was a young girl ask my mom, “So when did Kelly start modeling?”  She showed my mom a picture of model Gail O’Neill in a magazine and she was so sure it was me.

After a late night of dancing at a club back in the 90s, my friends and I were heading out and this drunken guy told me I looked like Sandra Bernhard.  Can’t say I was completely overjoyed but in a twisted way I can see why he may have thought that.

I don’t think I look like her, but because of my bushy eyebrows one of my nicknames was Brooke.

I was traveling on business in Charlotte, NC and a colleague and I went into Subway for lunch.  One of the “Sandwich Artists” said, “Excuse me, but has anyone ever told you that you look just like Mariah Carey?”  That was a first for me, but my cousin gets that all the time.

My cousin (the Mariah Carey look-alike) once said I had Drew Barrymore mannerisms.

My baby cousin told me recently she thought I looked like Jill Scott.

A former colleague said she thought of me when she saw Jordin Sparks competing on American Idol.

When the Facebook trend of turning your profile picture into your Doppelganger was happening, a former colleague was surprised that I didn’t have Jennifer Garner on my list.

And this is me.  I don’t think I look like any of them, but apparently to the outside world I have quite a few twins.  How about you?


16 thoughts on “Assemble All Those I Resemble

  1. Jennifer G is a new one on your list but now I get it. Mix her with Jordin Sparks with a dash of Faith and boom, it’s you! Ha!

    At least these are all hot artists. I’ve been told a few times “you look like the mom from the Cosby Show”. Not sure how to take that – do I look older? Do I dress like a Mom? Both? I never get the cool list of ladies you have above. Lucky!!! 😉

    • What’s crazy about your mashup Tracy is that none of those people are Greek – and you have always thought there was some Greek in me! I would have never pegged you as Phylicia Rashad (as beautiful as she is) and definitely never someone who was older because you are so youthful. I can’t think of an exact twin for you, but I would say you are closer to having Victoria Rowell-esque features.

      • I think Garner or Jolie could go Greek 😉
        I’d rather take Rowell but I’ve been told Rashad more than once so…meh. Rowell was sassy!!

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