Where’s the Restroom?

For us Americans, this is a common question to ask.  In the States we don’t call it the toilet, the loo, the Comfort Room (CR) or the Water Closet (WC).  The idea that the room where you go to relieve yourself is a place for rest is a bit odd and actually rather gross.  I heard that the word “restroom” was born from the idea from when you’re traveling and you stop at a rest stop – it’s where you would stretch your legs, freshen up, as well as answer the call of nature.  You would think what we call a bedroom, should be titled a restroom instead.  That seems to make more sense.  Then again, I am sure some people would argue the name “restroom” is very fitting for the following reasons:

  1. If you had the square footage to make it into a spa-like experience, rest is sure to follow
  2. It’s a quiet place for those who choose to catch up on their reading
  3. If you are a bath person and like to soak
  4. I read a comment somewhere that people would think it’s the perfect place for rest if you had to wait in line a long time to use it

This site has some cool designs, and I am sure I’d be able to find a way to get my rest and relaxation on in a number of them.

Now that I think of it, the fact that now-a-days so many people in single family homes and larger estates don’t really spend time in their living rooms – it’s now the place where furniture is on display and no one really sits in there and does a lot of living – that room should be renamed the showroom.  Just a thought.


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