Joy Rising Courtesy of the Brothers Gibb

While surfing the dial for tunes on my commute this morning I stopped as soon as I heard the Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive.   I love the Bee Gees.  I’ve always loved the Brothers Gibb: Big brother Barry, twins Maurice (may he rest in peace) and Robin and baby brother Andy (God rest his soul).  The recent news of Robin being on his death bed sunk in as I listened to Barry’s falsetto ring through my speakers.  I heard Robin’s health was on an upswing and ironically the phrase “Stayin’ Alive” seemed extremely apropos. 

I was a child in the 70s, so the Bee Gees were a part of the soundtrack of my youth.  I was convinced their voices were so high because their pants were too tight.  Then I thought they were trying to overcompensate by wearing the open jackets or button down shirts to show off their chest hair as proof of their manhood.  The mind of an adolescent will make you think such things.  These trademark images made for one of my all-time favorite skits on Saturday Night Live: The Barry Gibb Talk Show. God bless Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.  If I ever need a pick me up this tune will do the trick:   

Hearing baby brother Andy’s tunes make me nostalgic as well.  At 30 years old, he left this world way too soon.  Only a few hits under the belt of his tight fitting white pants.  Why was that a fashion trend back then?  I digress.  Back to the music.  I am not sure which song makes me smile more: I Just Want to Be Your Everything, Don’t Throw It All Away, Shadow Dancing, or Love Is (Thicker Than Water).

What I do know – the dance number from Saturday Night Fever for You Should Be Dancing is joy rising for me.  Who can’t use a little bit of that every once in a while?


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