On the Radio and In Our Hearts

Last week I took several days off from blogging because I just wasn’t in the mood to piece two sentences together.  A few days ago I was inspired to craft a blog after hearing the Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive” on the radio during my morning commute.  I wrote about my love of the Brothers Gibb and the impact their music had on me as a child of the 70s.  The very next day a music legend from the 70s passed away: Washington, DC’s favorite son Chuck Brown, the “Godfather of Go-Go” music.  Yesterday morning as I clicked the “Publish” button with my Chuck Brown tribute, the breaking news of the death of the Disco Diva Donna Summer was all over social media. Donna Summer had lost her private battle with cancer.  The news simply took my breath away.

It’s ironic to say that phrase because ultimately I am still breathing and I am speaking about those who no longer have the ability to do so.  For the second time in two days another instrumental musical artist was taken away from us.  When musical artist pass away we have their music, which keeps them alive forever.  That’s such a gift.

As a teenager I had the album On the Radio on heavy rotation.  With the loss of these two legends I know who will be on my playlist in heavy rotation over the next few days.  I will “turn up the old victrola, gonna dance the night away.”  May they both rest in peace and make heavenly music together.


5 thoughts on “On the Radio and In Our Hearts

  1. Kelly, you and Karyl took the words right out of my brain. When we were 9 or 10, my neighbor and I used to sing the lyrics to Bad Girls and Hot Stuff at the top of our lungs. We wondered why the adults were snickering at us. Ha Ha! Such sheltered innocence!

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