The Rinse Cycle

There is something about the culture of a gym you either embrace or you don’t.  No matter how many signs are posted and the rundown of the rules and regulations are shared with members, at some point there will always be someone:

  • Talking loud on their cellphone on a piece of cardio equipment
  • Whaling and grunting like they are being water boarded
  • Dropping the free weights with passion
  • Who sweats all over the equipment and doesn’t wipe up after themselves

Yes, those things are annoying.  But the one thing that gets my sports bra in pinch is when the only available cardio machine is next to you and all of a sudden it is occupied by the person who must only own one workout ensemble and they never wash it.  Therefore, you are subjected to the stench from the bowels of this person’s inner being and all their poor dietary and hygiene habits are being released into the atmosphere.  It’s that smell that makes you want to shower once for you and then twice for them.  It’s that smell that kills your appetite and has you running for fresh air relief on the opposite end of the building.

Let’s just say, before I jumped off my elliptical I made sure to get a good look at the man who shook my senses silly.  I can’t let him cripple my workouts.  We all sweat – I get it.  But the only deep down nasty funk I want at the gym is the one pumping from my iPod.


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