Relax, Don’t Do It?

This post has nothing to do with Frankie Goes to Hollywood and his rally cry to his fellow gender mates to control themselves before climax.  This has everything to do with my battle on whether I should succumb to the “creamy crack” or not.  It’s been almost a year since I have put a relaxer in my hair.  Unfortunately, I think it is time.

My relationship with relaxers began in high school against my mother’s wishes, but we decided that in order to tame my voluminous mane it was something we’d do.  Since then I have on average gotten a relaxer three times a year.  I know the chemicals are bad.  I would prefer to not put anything in my hair.  I know so many women can relate.  We are constantly tested on our methods to manage our stubborn, unruly hair.   Hot weather and sweaty workouts don’t help the cause.  You get the relaxer to smooth out the hair shaft but the more your hair gets wet after applying the relaxer the effects of it fade.  Hence the popular expression: “I don’t want to sweat out my hair!”

With the summer solstice occurring tonight, I am surrendering.  I know that even with the relaxer I will be rocking my usual “Sade” ballerina bun during the next several weeks of heat, but I will be able to stretch out my gel applications.   Sade sings in one of her most famous songs: “Is it a crime?”  The creamy crack isn’t illegal, but for many of us it becomes a necessary evil.


3 thoughts on “Relax, Don’t Do It?

  1. You only get perms 3 times a year!? You don’t need no stinking perm “Kelly Keriyakis”! Personally, I do miss throwing my hair in a bun but that’s it. I’m really digging the ease-of-style. And I can work out daily, throw some gel-conditioner after washing and be on my way.

    • Since I have held off for a year I am feeling the effects of it being harder to hold a roller set, and trying to wear it curly/wavy after airdrying with lots of product in it just isn’t working for me. My textures are so different all over my head – it’s gotten crazy, if not crazier! The relaxer neutralizes things for a little while. I am torn, and of course I made my appointment to get it done tomorrow and it’s going to be 100 degrees! Ugh! I may have to hold off and not get it done on a day when I will start sweating as soon as I walk out of the salon! So glad to hear your new “do” is working out. Can’t wait to see how it’s growing out. Post some new pix!

  2. I have various textures, too. Some hair kinky, then curly, then straight strands (which I cut off so I don’t look like Broom Hilda). Conditioner/Gels don’t work the same all over my head. But the SET stuff Fritz makes does so I think I’m going to buy more of that, again. It was perfection! You and Robin have similar hair. Perms don’t affect your strands negatively so go for it. I wish my hair could handle it. I have a few new pictures on Instagram. Join, you’ll love it!

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