The first group in the Rap genre to:

  • Have a Gold album for their 1984 debut album, Run-D.M.C.
  • Be nominated for a Grammy Award
  • Earn a Platinum record for their sophomore album, King of Rock
  • Earn a multi-platinum certification for their third album, Raising Hell
  • Have their videos played on MTV
  • Appear on American Bandstand
  • Appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine
  • Receive a corporate sponsorship from Adidas

It’s like that, and that’s the way it is!

*In 1979 President Jimmy Carter decreed that June would be Black Music Month.  Three decades later in 2009 President Barack Obama revamped the title and declared June African-American Music Appreciation Month.  Each day this month I am turning up the volume on an artist or song brought to you by the letter R.  Enjoy!*


4 thoughts on “Run-D.M.C.

      • I totally agree. It’s when hip hop was still growing, creative and we didn’t have to worry about seeing videos of naked women degrading themselves. So fun…

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