Running Hugs

Recently I flew to visit some family in Indianapolis.  I anticipated grabbing my checked luggage and then heading out to jump in the car at the curbside.  Instead as I was following the signs to baggage claim, the vision of a wide grinned toddler with arms stretched out wider than the sea was racing towards me.  It’s that type of run that resembles the intensity of a Flintstone-Rubble car starting moment – or the vision of a sprinter performing at the Olympic trials.  It was, and will be that heart touching moment I will remember of my four and a half (you have to include the half!) year old cousin coming to welcome me.

There’s nothing like it.  A hug.  An embrace by a loved one after you’ve traveled and knowing they are so happy to see you.  Go ahead, cue the violins.  Better yet, cue the opening scene of Love Actually.  This is one of the few human experiences we can all agree upon.  If you disagree, I suggest a visit to the doctor to get your pulse checked immediately.  Or I can see if my pint-sized cousin can run towards you and change your mind.


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