Recess is Over

I’ve been on a writing break.  Since June I eased up a bit on writing random commentary and instead featured artists each day for Black Music Month and kicked off my second 365Project.  I found that I didn’t have much to say, or I didn’t have the energy to sit down and write as I had in previous months.  I knew when I started blogging that would happen.  We all need a time out; a moment for recess.

The concept of recess is genius.  When you’re young you are released into a state of wild abandonment after being constrained to a tiny school desk being taught things you either enjoyed or couldn’t comprehend.  It was that time of the day when you got to run free, swing, climb, jump and hang with your friends; scream and giggle your way through a classic game of boys chase the girls. Why did recess have to end after middle school?  Wouldn’t it be something, if as adults, there were moments each day when you could stop what you are doing and go outside and skip to and from your destination.  I suppose adult recess is more like going to happy hour, which I suppose is the advanced version of boys chase the girls.  Ask any adult around you if they get to do that every weekday.  If they do, then more power to them.  I wonder if they leave happy hour feeling the same exuberance I remember feeling each day on the playground.   If they do, more power to them.

OK, I hear the bell ringing.  I need to close this out and get back to work.


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