Rotator Cuff Links Reason to My Pain

Listening to your body is crucial, especially as you get older.  We all have moments of denial or feeling like we could do the same things we did when we were about to turn the legal drinking age.  There are also moments of pure surprise when we look in the mirror and say, “I’ve never seen that before. When did that happen?”

The past month or so, I began feeling a slight burning sensation in my right shoulder.  A couple of weeks ago the tension in that area had increased and at times I felt strain across my upper shoulders and neck.  I was attributing it to carrying a lot of stress there.  Or maybe it’s the way my keyboard and chair are positioned at my desk.  I was thinking maybe I haven’t stretched well enough before, during and after my workouts.  After talking to a few friends the verdict appears to be my rotator cuff may just be degenerating and I could have a tear.  They all said this because they have experienced it themselves.

I attempted to rest my shoulder by laying off the weights at the gym and simply became more mindful of how I was using my shoulder.  It hasn’t been burning as much and it feels better but I know I should get it checked out all the same.  These are the moments I wish I were like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz (well…not the heartless part!) and all I needed was lubrication from an oil can to make things better.


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