Strolling Through the Halls of Rydel High

I like music; all kinds of music.  That is why I am drawn to musicals.  Sure I agree it is bizarre to be walking down an alley having a normal conversation with your friends then all of a sudden break out into song and dance, but it’s the nature of the beast and I love it.  Well, I love it to an extent.  For the life of me I still do not understand what Shonda Rhimes was thinking when she made that musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I digress.

The summer of 1978 I turned 8 years old.  It was the summer that the movie Grease was released.  I saw it 13 times before I headed back to school that September.  I was fixated on Olivia Newton-John.  I thought she was so cool speaking with her Australian accent, but when she sang there was no hint of it at all.  At the time there was no questioning why adult actors were playing the roles of teenagers.  This was years before there was cable TV, the Disney Channel and the thought of High School Musical.  Therefore, teenage actors were not a dime a dozen.

Grease Album Front Cover

This is my soundtrack album.  It’s one of the few pieces of vinyl I still own and could never give away.  If this album could speak words other than the lyrics and melodies etched within the record, it would reveal my childhood in more ways than one.  It amazes me that 34 years have passed since it’s debut.  Still to this day if I catch it playing on cable I will watch it and feel like a young school girl again singing the inappropriate words to Greased Lightning.  I do not recall how old I was when I finally realized what they were saying, but I know there was no way in the world I knowingly repeated the lyrics to that song at 8 years old and got away with it in my household.  Here’s to youth and being naive!

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2 thoughts on “Strolling Through the Halls of Rydel High

    • That would be cool. I remember years ago they had the bouncing ball sing-a-long version. But then again I am not sure how they successfully did that because the lyrics to Greased Lightning are racy. I guess they edited those lyrics out!

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