Channeling My Inner MacGyver [117/365]

Got to the gym today, got dressed and went to look for a ponytail holder (I usually have them in multiple places in my gym bag, makeup bag or purse) and I found I had none.  I wasn’t going to workout with the mane flowing, so I put my MacGyver hat on, grabbed a plastic bag from the locker room and created my own hair tie.

Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, Nobody’s gonna hold me down, Oh-no, I got to keep on movin.

*Oh snap! A photo a day for 365 days. My 365Project – A daily digital diary.*


2 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner MacGyver [117/365]

    • Although rather sturdy and effective, it was all sweaty and needed to be tossed after I was done. So it needed to be disposed of quickly, and would not have been appropriate for our dinner last night. LOL!

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