December to Remember: Give Me Some Sugar [201/365]

Sugar Ray LeonardI began my professional career as an on-air promotion writer/producer for the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.  Here I am working with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard for a post-race promo I had to produce for the Glenn Brenner 5K Run.  This wasn’t my first meeting with Sugar Ray.  In high school I was the cashier at the Montgomery Mall Foot Locker In Bethesda, MD.  One day Sugar Ray walked in and began pointing to item after item of things he wanted.  When it came time to ring up his loot he asked me to add some items that were behind the counter—one of those being a jock strap.  You know what comes next.  I asked, “Mr. Leonard, what size athletic supporter would you like?”  With that million-dollar grin he said, “Large, of course.”

*Oh snap! A photo a day for 365 days. My 365Project – A daily digital diary.*


One thought on “December to Remember: Give Me Some Sugar [201/365]

  1. Undercover flirt! 😏
    He was in Laguna a few months ago and I said hi to him. He was shocked that I was at the same restaurant. He’s still so handsome!

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