Life Is What Happens When You Make Plans

I realized this morning that today should have been the first day after the completion of my 365Project – my digital diary of taking a daily photo for a year. On March 17th I posted my last photo and blog entry because life is what happens when you make plans.

I was dedicated to my photo project. I had every intention of seeing it through. I had done a 365Project before and knew I could do it again. But once again, life is what happens when you make plans.

I cannot say that I will blog anymore after this post. I now have a time-consuming day job that requires me to write all day long, and the last thing I think about when I log out at 5:30pm is typing another sentence. But for my own satisfaction of seeing things through I felt compelled to put together a slide show of photos that I captured during my days between mid March until now. So, let the show begin…

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“O” is for Oreo [279/365]

Oreo MuralCookie Monster may want to update his famous tune today.  Apparently, today is National Oreo Day. On this day in 1912 the first Oreo cookies were sold.  So, I thought I would honor the day with a photo I snapped a couple of years ago when I went back to my work stomping grounds at the Chelsea Market, which was the National Biscuit Company (NABISCO) factory where the Oreo was invented and produced.

*Oh snap! A photo a day for 365 days. My 365Project – A daily digital diary.*