Can Rudy Come Out and Play? [290/365]

Huxtable HouseWatching The Cosby Show reruns this morning and I remembered I had taken a photo of the Huxtable home. Some call it 10 Leroy Street and others call it 10 Saint Luke’s Place.  Either way it’s the location of the famous brownstone.  While The Cosby Show was set in Flatbush, Brooklyn and filmed live in Brooklyn, the actual building used for the exterior shots is located in Greenwich Village.  St. Luke’s Place consists of a one-block section of Leroy Street in Greenwich Village that runs between Hudson Street and 7th Ave.

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December to Remember: Take It to the Bridge [213/365]

Brooklyn BridgeI love bridges.  Living in cities that are known for their bridges was always an added bonus during my time in NYC/Brooklyn and San Francisco.  I am fond of this photo not only because I remember how much fun my girl Dalia and I had that day walking the city and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, but it showcases the World Trade Center in all its glory.

*Oh snap! A photo a day for 365 days. My 365Project – A daily digital diary.*


In Route

In January 2007 I was a new resident in the City by the Bay.  The majestic steep rolling hills, eclectic architecture and the cool, crisp temperatures of San Francisco were a welcome treat after living in New York City for seven years.  After settling in, my first conference call with the New York office was done in my car.  I was on U.S. Route 1 heading north over the Golden Gate Bridge.  I admit this was the most gratifying office conference call I had ever been on.  That feeling of freedom and the power of the steel cables surrounding me while suspended above the San Francisco Bay brought me sheer exhilaration.

I am a fan of bridges.  When I lived in Brooklyn I loved walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and at this juncture in my life I had the pleasure of having access to both the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges in my backyard.   Today the Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary.  Therefore, today I celebrate with snapshots that I took while we were neighbors.  Here’s looking at you kid!

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